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Which Star Are You From -MV

credit to sgwannabe One of my fav kdrama..Which star are you from....Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee and Jung Ryu Won as Kim Bok-shil/Lee Hye-rim/Lee Hye-soo... sampai 3 lah..dah bawak watak yg berbeza kan...haruslah ada banyak ne citer dia??? sekali lagi aku paste je lah... kali ni dari dramawiki plak... "Seung Hee, after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident, left for 3 years. When he came back, he sought to make a film in a rural area. Someone caught his eye – Bok Shil, who looks exactly like his deceased girlfriend, Hye Soo. Seung Hee followed Bok Shil in order to get some answers, and ended up falling for her. Still the questions remain, is he attracted to Bok Shil because of the memories of his ex-girlfriend, or does he like Bok Shil for who she is? What happens when competitors come into the picture and families opposing their love? "