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A Moment to Remember

Have u ever thought that one day your loved one can’t even remember who you are?? The memories that you shared together slowly fading away from your loved one's memory…sedihkan….filem Korea ni betul2 buat aku sedih dan menangis…nobody recommend me to watch this movie….I read the synopsis somewhere over the net and then I think the storyline is interesting…I don’t even know the actor and actress….Cuma main tengok je dan memang tak rugi sebab garapan citernya sangat menarik, yang pasti sedih….kat bawah ni ada synopsis nya..(credit to wiki…copy paste dari situ je sinopsisnya..) "A Moment to Remember follows the theme of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer's disease. The first segment of the film, staged in romantic comedy style, introduces the protagonists, a woman named Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) and a man named Chul Soo (Jung Woo Sung). The movie highlights their accidental meeting in a convenience store and confusion over a can of soda, follow